Parathyroid Disease

Four years ago I was diagnosed with parathyroid disease. Due to this problem, I was left with little energy, my hormones were out of sync, I had trouble concentrating and had problems with my memory. I ended up having surgery in which three of my four glands were removed.
In an effort to get my life back, it was suggested that I seek treatment from an acupuncturist. After just a few treatments at Best Acupuncture I could notice a significant improvement in my symptoms. My memory improved, my energy levels were notably increased, and I began to show interest in doing things with others.

Due to my overall improvements in health, I have recommended Best Acupuncture to others who have taken my advice and have responded positively.
If someone were to ask me if acupuncture treatments were recommended, I would respond with a very positive reply and the with the opinion that it gave me my life back.

Pat Varljen

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