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acupuncture for hay fever

Acupuncture for Hay Fever and Allergies

Every year it's the same thing; your eyes get red and itchy; your sinuses begin to fill up. You feel like you’re swimming in your own head. It’s hard to think. Sleeping is harder. You roll to one side and...

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chinese medicine

Chinese Herbal Remedies for Allergy Season

Acupuncture is always your best "first line of defense" when it comes to allergies, but luckily, we also have herbal remedies that can boost and prolong your relief. There are 2 "go to" remedies for seasonal allergies and many of...

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treating arthritis with acupuncture


The word "arthritis" comes from the Latin root for "joint" (arthro) and the Latin/Greek root for "inflammation" (itis) and it can be used to describe pain, swelling and stiffness in any joint. The standard, Western medical definition is: Acute or...

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