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acupuncture and motherhood

Acupuncture and the Journey to Motherhood

When it comes to the "journey of motherhood", balancing yin and the yang becomes even more important. No matter what issues and history you may have -- painful, irregular, absent or heavy menstrual cycle; PCOS -- or if you want...

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yin yang balancing

Yin-Yang Balancing for Optimal Health

The Chinese symbol for yin and yang has been around for many centuries and is widely recognized throughout the world. The meaning behind "yin" and "yang" however and what the symbol depicts are not as clearly understood. Since our medicine...

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acupuncture for hay fever

Acupuncture for Hay Fever and Allergies

Every year it's the same thing; your eyes get red and itchy; your sinuses begin to fill up. You feel like you’re swimming in your own head. It’s hard to think. Sleeping is harder. You roll to one side and...

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