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Acupuncture or Cupping

The Best Chinese Medicine: Cupping or Acupuncture

In the Western World, healthcare costs have begun to skyrocket and lists of prescription side effects have only grown larger. In response to our often disappointing medical services many have begun to turn to alternative medicine, thus the practice of...

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Acupuncture For Fertility

Acupuncture for Fertility

Acupuncture for Fertility Infertility can be one of the biggest challenges to face in life. A deep sense of loss and sadness can oftentimes result. The overwhelming price of prescription fertility drugs and mixed reviews have caused many people to...

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promoting emotional wellness with acupuncture

Promoting Emotional Wellness with Acupuncture

Life is often a series of undulations between highs and lows, but sometimes the lows seem like they never end. No matter how perfect your Instagram may look, everyone experiences some lows. Over 15 million American Adults are being treated...

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