In the spring of 2010, I was told I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  I have been very healthy and active all my life and did not want to go on medication, but knew I had to do something immediately.  My daughter had done some research and found Best Acupuncture on the internet. She tried them with great success for a skin allergy she had. Upon hearing of my dilemma she suggested that I try acupuncture.

Initially, my fears were pain from needles being placed in places that seemed sensitive to me as well as wondering if it would really work. I knew I needed results quickly and didn’t want to waste time and money unless it was going to work. My daughter assured me that her experience was successful, Best Acupuncture was professional, and the staff was highly qualified. She felt I would be happy with this choice.

I found Best Acupuncture to be everything she said and more. I have been going twice a week for six months and cannot be more pleased with the results. I was not only treated, but educated in a peaceful, nurturing atmosphere. I look forward to treatments and that has never been the case with doctors of western medicine.

Deleon Best gave me a diet to naturally bring down my blood pressure and cholesterol and I followed it very closely during my six months there.  The treatments were totally pain free and relaxing with meditation music and water fountains as a background.  I experience a lot of anxiety where needles are concerned but Deleon Best is so skilled that I do not feel them. I look forward to the time to relax and let my mind find a quiet place. I was also invited to take a nutrition class which I found most helpful, especially since the diet I was on was fairly restrictive and incorporated foods I wasn’t accustomed to eating.

Six months later my blood pressure and cholesterol are well within a normal range. I have lost 17 pounds and about 4 inches around my waist. I feel full of energy, sleep better, and generally feel healthier than I have in years.

My level of satisfaction is the highest it could be and I would recommend Best Acupuncture to anyone for any ailment.  I feel Deleon and his staff are highly trained, caring and take a personal interest in all their patients.  – Donna -Huntersville, NC