Back & Hip Pain

“When I first came to Best Acupuncture in August 2009, I was in severe pain in my right hip and back.  I had been dealing with the pain for nine months.  I was on a lot of pain medicine as well as other kinds of medicine.  I was not in good health.  I was unable to get out and do the things I longed to do.  I was stuck at home, in pain, on lots of medication, and no real relief from medical doctors.

Seven months later the severe pain has been eliminated.  When I first came to Deleon, I was on at least seven medications full time and several occasionally as needed.  Now I am only on one medication daily and two as needed.  I have energy to enjoy life again.  I have been able to put my energy into improving my relationship with my husband.  I have even lost some weight by following the guidelines of good nutrition set for me by the staff at Best Acupuncture.

I would encourage anyone to go to Best Acupuncture and try it.  Deleon and his staff are such caring, knowledgeable professionals.  They have really helped me both physically and mentally with their expertise and encouraging words.  I am a much healthier and happier person.  I look forward to continuing my treatments as Deleon and his staff help me continue to improve my health and well-being.” – Alisa Pelz