The What, How, and Why on Acupuncture

Why Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a term that is commonly heard and seen on TV. You probably know that this medical treatment involves pricking nerves and muscles inside the body with needles. But do you know exactly what acupuncture is, how it is used and why this ancient medical treatment is still so popular?

What exactly is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a holistic system of complementary health techniques that focus on correcting imbalances of energy in the body. Different countries utilize various techniques in the application of very fine needles into specific body locations to stimulate acupoints and Acupuncturists usually apply acupuncture in combination with other forms of treatments and can alleviate or cure a great variety of medical conditions.

The history of acupuncture

Acupuncture’s origin is greatly disputed. Some believe that acupuncture originates from China around 100 BC. Others believe that the practice of acupuncture is older than 5000 years because mummified bodies showed tattoo markings on common acupuncture spots. Some even believe that the practice of acupuncture was used during the Stone Age and sharpened stones were used instead of needles.

How is acupuncture used today?

This medical treatment is commonly used to this very day. An acupuncturist will stimulate certain points or nerves in the body by inserting stainless steel needles in various nerve points. Most modern acupuncturists combine these prickly sessions with other life changes in order to solve or reduce the symptoms of a medical condition.

What types of conditions are treated with acupuncture?

Acupuncture is used for a great variety of medical conditions. The most common conditions include the following:

  • To promote weight loss
  • For back pain relief
  • For general pain
  • To relieve arthritis pain
  • To reduce nausea
  • To improve sleep
  • To treat anxiety
  • To reduce high-stress levels
  • Relieve tension in nerve or muscle groups

Why acupuncture is popular to this very day

Most historical medical treatments fade away or are replaced with modern medical treatment but acupuncture treatments remain popular to this very day. This is because acupuncture has been tried and tested for many centuries and people enjoy actual perceived results from the sessions.

Acupuncture is also a more natural alternative medicine that doesn’t have any side-effects. Whereas taking prescription medications often result in undesirable side effects such as nausea, weight increase, headaches, and can even contribute to kidney and heart failure, acupuncture treatments are completely safe.

Who can get acupuncture?

Another huge benefit of acupuncture is the fact that this medical treatment has no side effects and is thus suitable for anyone. Pregnant women are much safer when using acupuncture to address typical pregnancy complaints of heartburn, pain, nausea, and swelling in the feet, and even children can get acupuncture to alleviate symptoms and attune their body to a more balanced state.

8 Unusual and Amazing Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncturists are now able to treat more medical conditions than ever before. Here are 8 unusual, yet amazing benefits of acupuncture.

Treat anxiety

Anxiety affects more people today than ever before. Plenty of anxiety disorders like generalized anxiety disorder, anxiety neurosis, and perioperative anxiety can be treated with acupuncture. Acupuncture that is targeted to treat or relief anxiety usually results in reduced medication and a much higher quality of life.

Prevents nausea and vomiting

Acupuncture is used to relieve neck pain and it also reduces symptoms like nausea and vomiting. This is becoming an increasingly popular treatment for pregnant women that want to overcome terrible morning sickness without using medications that can affect the health and development of the unborn child.

Relieve migraines

Patients can reduce the pain in headaches and migraines and reduce the number and severity of migraines and other types of headaches they experience through an acupuncture session. This form of medical treatment is also a lot healthier with fewer side effects than normal medications that are typically prescribed.

Treat arthritis

Arthritis is one of those generic diseases that is incurable, painful and affects millions of people across the globe. The side effect of this painful condition can, however, be treated with acupuncture that is targeted towards muscle relaxation and pain reduction.

Acupuncture may help to cure your cravings

Dealing with hunger cravings is one of the hardest parts of dieting and trying to lose weight. Weight loss and dieting can, however, become a lot easier because you can actually keep hunger cravings at bay with acupuncture.

Reduce heartburn and indigestion

It is strange to think that something like a needle can reduce heartburn and indigestion problems. This method of pain relief is often done by pregnant women that experience digestion issues during their pregnancy, and it can also be beneficial to people who suffer with acid reflux.

Treat insomnia

Insomnia is a condition where a patient finds it hard to fall asleep. Acupuncture can relieve this condition because the sessions boost nocturnal melatonin production in the body. This chemical naturally boosts sleep and the stress or anxiety reduction benefits of acupuncture also contributes to better and more frequent sleep sessions.

Boost energy levels

Plenty of people that enjoy regular acupuncture sessions report that acupuncture boosts energy and drive. Some even experience a boost in energy levels weeks after the treatment.

Acupuncture is tremendously beneficial and there are so many ways in which this ancient medical practice can help you enjoy a much better and higher quality of life. Start skipping out on those harmful chemical loaded medications and switch over to acupuncture for better results with fewer side effects.

Acupuncture and Huntersville

Acupuncture and Huntersville

From a small mill town to a sprawling diverse area, Huntersville has something for everyone. Feel the speed of your favorite NASCAR racers by visiting the Joe Bibbs Racing. There you can acquire NASCAR merchandise you wouldn’t find anywhere else. If you still feel like shopping visit the outdoor shopping center, the Birkdale Village. For those who want to do something active, visit the Norman Lake. There are countless fun activities you can do while you are at the lake, rent boats and sail or drive through the 50 miles. Kayak, canoe, paddle board or swim around the surreal calm water of the lake. It is a perfect place to spend the day with the family or with friends.

When you are done with all the fun activities at destinations at Lake Norman come visit Best Acupuncture. Home to the friendliest team whose goal is to build long lasting relationships with their patients.  By providing personalized care, we thrive on utilizing an initial exam to expect what physical or mental strains you are encountering. This is also done with a minor non-invasive physical exam where your acupuncturist will check your pulse and your tongue. The tongue tells a lot about the condition the patient is in based on its color, cracks, texture, and color. This will reflect how one’s organs and meridians are doing.  From there we utilize the information and diagnose what is out of balance or is being blocked.  By using thin Acupuncture specific needles, they can open up the pressure point that is causing this blocking. With the use of natural herbs that the practitioner suggests can help build up your immune system and internal strength.

So for those living or visiting Huntersville come schedule an appointment at Best Acupuncture where you will have an all around great day by doing so.

Acupuncture To Keep Cravings at Bay

It is hard to lose weight. Sticking to your gym routine, taking your daily supplements and sticking to your stern diet is hard but one of the most challenging parts of losing weight is to say no to cravings. Chinese medicine has categorized flavors in five basic sectors; bitter, sour, pungent, salty and sweet. While all of these flavors or flavor indicators in your body are important for taste only two affects your cravings. Salt and sweet tastes are the only two flavors that your body craves and it can be terribly hard not to give in to these cravings. Cravings salty and sweet snacks are exactly what is causing obesity and results in many other medical conditions.

Acupuncture To Keep Cravings at Bay

The right mindset can do a lot of wondrous things but even the strongest willed people give in to food cravings. This is because cravings have the same effect on your body as addiction. You just cannot stop thinking about sugary and sweet snacks, you yearn for it and you feel hungry. If you don’t satisfy your craving for sugary and salty snacks you can even start experiencing withdrawal symptoms like shaking, nausea, headaches and extreme hunger episodes.

Luckily there is a way to overcome these cravings and the solution is quite simple. A simple acupuncture session is all you need to keep cravings at bay so you can successfully stick to your diet and shake those unwanted pounds.

Why do you crave?
Cravings can happen out of habit. If your natural habit is to constantly chew and snack then constant cravings is basically second nature. Cravings can also result from a deficiency. If your body misses certain nutrition you can easily start getting sweet or salty cravings because it is your body’s only way to tell you that you need something. Sweet cravings usually indicate an imbalance in organs, spleen or stomach but can easily manifest into a craving for alcohol or heavy foods like bread, pasta, and pastries. Salty cravings usually indicate deficiencies in the kidney although these indications are not set in stone.

Here’s how acupuncture can help
Acupuncture practitioners can help you overcome cravings by applying the right acupuncture and lifestyle change sessions that will reduce cravings. Lifestyle changes usually include giving into your craving but in a controlled way because your body does need the desired nutrition. If you endure sweet cravings, your practitioner might suggest eating a healthy but sweet snack like fruit, sweet potatoes or more. For salty cravings, the practitioner can suggest other snacks like nuts. Eating these foods will help nourish your body so you will stop craving without giving in to tempting foods and combine these lifestyle changes with targeted acupuncture sessions could end your cravings completely.

If you have been finding it hard to say no to sugary and salty snacks then it is time to visit your acupuncture practitioner. Acupuncture sessions along with targeted lifestyle changes could help solve your craving problems so weight loss will finally become a possibility.

Relax in Charlotte

Relax in Charlotte

The City of Charlotte is known to be the largest city in the state of North Carolina. Home to two of major teams the city is never truly quiet. For the sports fans following the Charlotte Hornets or the Carolina Panthers, it can be a time of excitement and stress. By being a great sport’s epicenter, the city is constantly bursting with energy and can-do attitude. This is a great thing for the most part but can drain a lot of energy and may tire you through the week.

It is easy to say that in such a great city there would be countless opportunities and resources provided to reduce stress. For some massages and chiropractic sessions only feel temporary but there are more permanent solutions out there. The Acupuncture community would be the best example of that. Growing in recognition the practice of Eastern Medication has developed into a respected field within the West. There are many practices located in the greater Charlotte area but in the matter of education and experience, there is only one sensible place to go.

Located off the I-77 N, Best Acupuncture is the place to be. Away from the sprawl of the city and located near Lake Norman it is the perfect practice to relax and recover. Founded in 2002, Deleon Best wanted to help the community of Cornelius with the practice of Acupuncture. Being an avid sports fan himself he felt a connection to the city and knew that he wanted to give back and provide his service. By being a client at Best Acupuncture you will notice an instant rapport with the staff and specialists. After a few sessions, Cornelius will be your go-to place to seek relaxation. So if you want to get a breath of fresh air from the city head over to Best Acupuncture for a more tranquil you.

The Best Chinese Medicine: Cupping or Acupuncture

In the Western World, healthcare costs have begun to skyrocket and lists of prescription side effects have only grown larger. In response to our often disappointing medical services many have begun to turn to alternative medicine, thus the practice of traditional Chinese medicine has skyrocketed over past years. Things like Cupping and Acupuncture has grown in popularity due to the natural and holistic approach that these techniques provide when addressing multifaceted health concerns.

While these techniques are very different from our “traditional” western treatments, they just the same have had huge impacts on millions of lives for over 3000 years. The only problem is that with the rise in popularity of Chinese medicine, it has become hard to distinguish what technique would be the best for you. Two of the most popular alternative practices today are Cupping and Acupuncture, but in order to choose the best one it’s important to understand Chinese Medicine and the differences between the two techniques.

Chinese Medicine

According to traditional Chinese Medicine, the body is made up of a series of Meridians, or passageways, that transport Qi throughout the body. The concept of Qi is similar to a “circulating life force.” This concept has shown up under different names all over the world from Native American to Greek Ideology, and having an imbalance or lack of Qi is considered to be the root of all illness.

Much of Chinese medicine, therefore, works to correct the balance of one’s Qi in an effort to restore the person to their body’s natural state of homeostasis and health. Ancient Chinese techniques have been shown to aid numerous illnesses such as excessive stress and pain and has even been shown to help increase fertility. With Chinese Medicines myriad of benefits, the only thing left to consider is which technique will work best for you.


While both Cupping and Acupuncture serve to relieve illness by promoting body balance and blood flow, the methods differ in significant ways. Cupping is most commonly used by people dealing with pain and is usually performed using suctioned glass jars on the skin. This raises the skin for the purpose of increasing blood flow, but the process often causes circular bruising from expanding blood vessels as the cups rise.

One variation called “wet cupping” calls for a sterile scalpel to be used on the skin so that some blood is drawn into the suction cups. The treatment usually leaves behind red marks and isn’t suggested for those who bleed easily, are pregnant, or those needing treatments on bony areas.


Acupuncture is a noninvasive medical technique that is used to diagnose and treat a whole range of issues, making it one of the most holistic treatments available. Acupuncture is done through placing extremely fine, sterile needles on specific meridian passageways that help correct the imbalanced energy flow within the patient.

On specific points of the body where energy is stagnated, an acupuncturist will place those fine needles allowing blood flow to be increased. The extreme slimness of the needles results in most patients not even feeling them, but rather they experience feelings of relaxation and calm. Unlike cupping, the treatment does not result in bruising or bleeding.

Overall, both of these treatments will contribute to your health and well being through returning your body to complete balance. In general, Acupuncture is usually the preferred choice due to the complete lack of side effects and more broad range of benefits. Acupuncture can have huge immediate and long term impacts on your health and happiness.

It is an investment that will help you feel your best and most balanced. While the effects of Acupuncture are unmistakable, finding the right acupuncturist is important. At Best Acupuncture, we have a team of licensed professionals that have undergone extensive and comprehensive training at nationally certified schools. Visit our site to learn more about What We Treat and start your journey of health today!

Acupuncture for Fertility

Acupuncture for Fertility

Infertility can be one of the biggest challenges to face in life. A deep sense of loss and sadness can oftentimes result. The overwhelming price of prescription fertility drugs and mixed reviews have caused many people to turn to a more wholesome and natural approach, Acupuncture. This is a great treatment for stress and pain and has been shown to greatly contribute to fertility treatment by numerous studies.

What is Acupuncture?

This ancient Chinese technique has been reducing pain, increasing relaxation, and helping illness for over 3000 years. Chinese medical theory explains that Qi, a circulating life force, flows through passageways called meridians throughout the body. These meridians are similar to rivers, they carry life nourishment, Qi, throughout the body. Due to a number of physical and emotional factors, the body’s energy flow can become obstructed or unbalanced.

This imbalance is considered to be the root of illness and can be treated through placing thin acupuncture needles upon certain meridian passageways of the body. These treatments allow your well-being and health to be returned and for your body to return to complete balance. The amazing thing about acupuncture is that these bodily imbalances can often be detected before severe illness or western medicine even prescribes something as being wrong, allowing you to be proactive about investing in and protecting your health.

How does Acupuncture help Infertility?

In 2002 the Department of Reproductive Medicine in Ulm, Germany did a study on the effects of acupuncture to patients participating in assisted reproductive therapy (ART). Of those receiving acupuncture, 42.5% became pregnant, whereas those without having been treated with acupuncture only had a pregnancy rate of 26.3%. Through utilizing acupuncture the researchers found that blood circulation was improved in reproductive organs, helping increase the likelihood of fertilization.

When acupuncture is used with conventional infertility treatments, pregnancy rates can rise dramatically. Another way that acupuncture has been shown to increase fertility is through reducing stress; an emotion widely believed to interfere with pregnancies. The hypothalamus is a gland that triggers the ovaries to release eggs but also has an impact on human food cravings and emotions. Having a lot of emotional stress can impact the efficiency of female reproductive organs, lowering the likelihood of fertility.

Although Acupuncture can be an effective method of increasing your odds. While acupuncture can have a positive influence on women, it has also been shown in the 2005 journal, Fertility and Sterilityin, to increase the swimming strength of male sperm and their numbers.

The effects of many of these studies were not achieved after just one treatment, but usually after consistent treatment over the span of multiple months. The time-tested techniques of acupuncture can have both short term and long term impacts on your life, and the cumulative effects that could lead to something like childbirth will make it a life changing experience.

Acupuncture is a natural and holistic approach to promoting your health. By choosing acupuncture you have a chance to increase your likelihood of pregnancy, while also helping to bring to light and solve the other imbalances you may be experiencing.

Invest in your health and happiness with Best Acupuncture. To learn more about how we can help you feel your best click here to see What We Treat!

Promoting Emotional Wellness with Acupuncture

Life is often a series of undulations between highs and lows, but sometimes the lows seem like they never end. No matter how perfect your Instagram may look, everyone experiences some lows. Over 15 million American Adults are being treated for persistent depression lasting more than two years. When people are confronted with these severe emotional problems, doctors will often prescribe medications to mask the symptoms, rather than treating the root of the problem. This is why we believe in promoting emotional wellness with Acupuncture in conjunction with therapy.

Common side effects of these antidepressants range from anxiety to insomnia to constipation – many times causing more problems than you started with. With all the issues associated with medications and prescriptions, many people struggling with emotional problems and depression are turning to a more holistic and natural form of treatment: Acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a time-tested ancient technique rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine Practices. It is a pain-free treatment that has been used for centuries to treat a wide variety of health problems. While we all must face occasional emotional distress, there is no reason to constantly suffer from it. Acupuncture has been shown to help alleviate symptoms associated with depression and emotional problems; it treats the root cause of the problem by helping to re-balance the body’s internal environment.

In traditional Chinese Medicine, energy that flows through your body, called Qi, travels through internal passages, called meridians, that connect the organs throughout your body. Chinese medicine says that when the flow of Qi is misaligned illness results. Using Acupuncture helps stimulate the meridians throughout your body in order to alter various chemical and physiological conditions. Studies done throughout the world have shown Acupuncture’s effectiveness at treating emotional problems.

In 1998 at the University of Arizona, John Allen conducted a controlled experiment on treating symptoms of depression; 64% of those treated with an acupuncture treatment geared toward depression experienced full remission. Patients that had received the placebo treatment fared much worse.

Throughout the world, people are beginning to turn to Acupuncture as a natural and holistic approach to helping emotional difficulty. It is also effective when used in conjunction with therapy. Using Acupuncture can promote you emotional wellness and get you back to enjoying life. It’s an art and medicine practice that takes years to master, so finding the right Acupuncturist is extremely important.

Visit Best Acupuncture to learn about our team of certified professionals, and what we can do to help you feel your best!

The Right Stuff for Your Stuffiness

The Right Stuff for your Stuffiness

According to the College of Allergies, Asthma, and Immunology 1 in 5 people have allergies. Despite its massive prevalence when it comes to actually living with and treating allergies, many people just don’t know where to turn. When seasonal allergies come around, many people stock up on medication and tissues. Just in America people spend 17.5 billion in health costs just on nasal swelling. Even with things like shots and tablets, people still have to avoid their allergens or suffer through them.

Having to avoid your favorite foods, places, and seasons can have a real impact on your quality of life. Allergies can make it hard to get through the day, and amid all of the faulty prescriptions and neti pot use, it’s difficult to discover the right stuff to treat your stuffiness. Due to worldwide success the popularity of acupuncture has been on the rise, and many medical professionals and media outlets like CNN have identified acupuncture as the “antidote for Allergies.”

Acupuncture views Allergies as a result of imbalances in the body that affect the organ system. These imbalances may stem from a variety of causes, including stress, poor diet, constitutional weakness, pollutants and environmental toxins. By inserting needles into specific places of the body one can help restore proper balance, Qi, to the body in order to promote health.

While it’s true that there remains some skepticism toward Acupuncture in the western world, much of the medical community have highlighted the great benefits of pairing modern medication with the tried and true techniques of Acupuncture. The American Academy of Medical Acupuncture states that acupuncture is an “excellent complement to routine care [for allergic sinusitis], often minimizing or altogether eliminating the need for medications, releasing the patient from continuous exacerbation-remission cycles.” Acupuncture can help you get back to exploring the world around you and being able to enjoy it.

Visit What We Treat to see how acupuncture can help you deal with allergies and feel your best!

Relieve Low Back Pain with Acupuncture

Relieve Back Pain with Acupuncture

There it is again, that dull achy feeling you get in your lower back each time you make a twisting, bending, or really any motion associated with your day to day activities. Do you need to take another painkiller to deal with the discomfort, or do you want to remain clear headed and choose to stick it out through the rest of the day? For nearly 8 out of every 10 Americans, this real life example of chronic low back pain probably hit a little closer to home than you would have liked.

Chronic low back pain is the result of a combination of factors, the largest contributors being a sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, and a poor posture while seated. The amount of time Americans spend sitting behind a desk or enjoying the television on the couch is staggering. It’s not usually until you take a really good look at your daily activities that you see how little many of us actually move regularly. Combine this with a near constant seated position and you’re well on your way to developing some fairly serious muscle imbalances.

Muscle imbalances occur when opposing muscle groups (Such as your hamstrings, and your quadriceps) stay in a non-neutral position for extended periods of time. The body’s natural state is viewed as being standing completely upright, with your arms by your side and palms facing forwards. While maintaining a seated position, we can see that the back of your thighs, your hamstrings, are stretched out father than usual, while the front of your thighs, your quadriceps, are in a flexed or compressed state.

Over time, this stretching and compression of the leg muscles actually begins to alter their composition, making them more likely to view this seated position as the neutral state. While it’s worth pointing out that correctly prescribed regular exercise is enough to keep these muscle imbalances at bay, most American’s do not engage in regular exercise, or engage in exercise that is counter-productive to their fitness goals. It’s this combination of the lack of exercise and a lifestyle that forces us into being sedentary for long periods of the day that results in such high incidences of chronic low back pain.

So just how exactly can we counter this chronic back pain epidemic? Lifestyle changes such as being cognitive of your posture and regular exercise have proven to be effective in the long run, but many of us do not have ability to make these required changes. Luckily, there is a short term relief for your chronic low back pain that can be administered much more quickly than exercise. Acupuncture works to release endorphins, the body’s natural pain killer, to relieve your low back pain by inserting small, sterile needles into your body’s many energy pathways. These endorphins, once released, can induce a positive feeling, naturally without the use of drugs, alcohol or medication.

Want to learn more about how Acupuncture can help to relieve your chronic low back pain? Contact our team of qualified Acupuncturists and schedule a consultation to see if Acupuncture is right for you!