Pain Relief WITHOUT risks or side effects

“My doctor says I need surgery, but I can’t take off a month to recover.”

“I would take a pill, but I’m scared of the effects.”

We are in a National health crisis!  The government warns us about addiction, overdose deaths and dependency.   Am I out of options?

One word; Acupuncture.

Acupuncture is five thousand years old.  The “blueprint” that acupuncturists use to drive up function hasn’t changed in all that time!  Acupuncture doesn’t just focus on the symptom; It aims to correct what led to your pain or injury, improve your symptoms, and strengthens your body so that you don’t have a recurring cycle of pain or injury.

So, why Acupuncture?

In Chinese Medicine, there are energy pathways called channels or meridians.  These channels conduct energy to promote proper Body functions.   When these pathways get blocked, there is a buildup, much like the pressure building up behind a kink in a hose.  This is how Chinese medicine describes pain patterns.  To release them, your acupuncturist identifies the blockages and “unkinks” the area of pain.  This way, we promote your body’s ability to bring blood and oxygen to an injury site to heal itself.    It is effective, pain-free, and without side effects.  In many cases, results can be seen in as little as four treatments.

Acupuncture is pain free, without side effects, costly invasive treatments, or the recovery times of surgical procedures.  Acupuncture has been shown to release endorphins, the body’s own naturally occurring pain med.  Acupuncture treatments can take less than an hour, and 80% of people find it so relaxing they actually fall asleep.  Lastly, most clients recognize marked improvement in as little as four treatments!

When we look at some of the side effects of pain medications, sometimes we wonder if it’s worth the risks and side effects; they can cause constipation, can be highly addictive, and can affect work and driving.

Well, how about an injection. Why not?  They sometimes work.  Sometimes, the pain can go away for weeks or months with just one shot.  What’s wrong with that?  Absolutely nothing.  But here are some things to think about:

  1. Repeated steroid injections can actually degrade tissue, like bone.
  2. Injections can be expensive, even when covered by insurance.
  3. You’ll likely need to repeat the process? Often, the only option left is surgery!

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