If you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, you are most likely experiencing a wide range of symptoms: pain, fatigue, stiffness, sleep disorders, aches and muscle tenderness, and intestinal and bowel troubles.

Most cases of fibromyalgia fit into the Chinese diagnosis of a Liver, Spleen, and/or Heart disharmony, meaning the functions of these organ/meridian pathways are out of balance.

Organ Systems Impacted by Fibromyalgia According to Chinese Medicine

  • Liver: The functions related to the Liver organ are to control the smooth flow of blood, Qi, and to nourish the tendons. When the Liver meridian is blocked there will be an inadequate supply of blood and Qi flowing throughout the body. This means that the tendons and muscles will not be properly nourished, leading to stiffness and pain. An imbalance of the Liver imbalance may be caused by stress, improper diet, unexpressed anger, drugs, and alcohol.
  • Spleen: The spleen transforms the food we ingest into Qi and blood. The health of the Spleen is impacted by diet, worry, and over-concentration. An unbalanced Spleen can result in digestive troubles, fatigue, muscle stiffness, and pain.
  • Heart: The heart is considered to be the home of the Spirit. If the Spleen cannot generate enough blood to nourish the Heart, the Heart Qi does not have enough control to house the Spirit properly. Symptoms can include palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, and emotional unrest.
  • Qi’s Role in Fibromyalgia

    When Qi is abundant and freely circulating throughout the body, there is health and pain-free living. When Qi becomes “blocked,” or the supply is inadequate, pain, stiffness
    and other symptoms related to fibromyalgia can appear.

    Best Acupuncture’s Approach to Treating Fibromyalgia

    Our acupuncturists begin with an initial exam where we discuss your health history to help find where Qi has become blocked. We will then develop a treatment plan tailored to address the areas that are out of balance, with the goal being to eliminate visible symptoms, and address the root cause of the issue.

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