Acupuncture: The Right Stuff for your Stuffiness

According to the College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology 1 in 5 people have allergies. Despite its massive prevalence when it comes to actually living with and treating allergies, many people just don’t know where to turn. When seasonal allergies come around many people stock up on medication and tissues. Just in America people spend 17.5 billion in health costs just on nasal swelling. Even with things like shots and tablets, people still have to avoid their allergens or suffer through it. Having to avoid your favorite foods, places, and seasons can have a real impact on your quality of life. Allergies can make it hard to get through the day, and amid all of the faulty prescriptions and neti pot snorting it’s difficult to discover the right stuff to treat your stuffiness. Due to worldwide success the popularity of acupuncture has been on the rise, and many medical professionals and media outlets like CNN have identified acupuncture as the “antidote for Allergies.”

treating allergies with acupuncture
Acupuncture views Allergies as a result of imbalances in the body that affect the organ system. These imbalances may stem from a variety of causes, including stress, poor diet, constitutional weakness, pollutants and environmental toxins. By inserting needles into specific places of the body one can help restore proper balance, Qi, to the body in order to promote health. While it’s true that there remains some skepticism toward Acupuncture in the western world, much of the medical community have highlighted the great benefits of pairing modern medication with the tried and true techniques of Acupuncture. The American Academy of Medical Acupuncture states that acupuncture is an “excellent complement to routine care [for allergic sinusitis], often minimizing or altogether eliminating the need for medications, releasing the patient from continuous exacerbation-remission cycles.” Acupuncture can help you get back to exploring the world around you and being able to enjoy it.

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Weight Loss Through Acupuncture

Weight Loss Through Acupuncture

Citizens of the United States today are heavier than they have ever been at any other point in history, as a result, weight loss is a large concern for many. Nearly two thirds of American’s are considered overweight and just over twenty percent of the country are considered to be obese making the US one of the most overweight countries in the world. As a result, the cost of treating the side effects associated with obesity have skyrocketed. With 2016 estimates showing an economic impact of 1.6 trillion dollars, it’s about time that American’s begin addressing this growing problem.

There is no doubt that traditional treatments like diet and exercise are extremely effective at reversing the effects of obesity, but both require adhering to strict regimes and making large scale modifications to your everyday life. Although beneficial in the long run, these exercise and diet plans can be difficult to implement and make a part of your daily schedule. Acupuncture, is not a replacement to diet and exercise, but can be a great way of addressing the root causes of your obesity, while not being too intrusive to your day to day life. As diet and exercise work to physically alter your body’s composition, acupuncture helps realign the body’s energy pathways to address the mental aspect of obesity. Overeating and lack of exercise are textbook responses to external stress in life.

Be it education, work, or family life, stress can come in many shapes and forms. Acupuncture works by applying small sterile needles to your body’s numerous energy pathways. These energy pathways, once triggered, release endorphins that produce a feeling of calmness and relaxation. This calming effect can ease cravings, reducing over eating and allowing for a smoother implementation of diet and exercise. In fact, studies show that integrating regular acupuncture treatments to your regimen can actually help you lose more weight than with diet and exercise alone.

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Treating Anxiety with Acupuncture

Everyone has struggled with anxiety at some point in their life. Some anxiousness is a natural part of the human condition, but extreme anxiety can seriously affect your health and ability to function on day to day life. The National Institute of Mental Health states that about 20% of Americans are affected by anxiety disorders, which totals to 42 billion dollars a year in treatment costs. While therapy and medication are useful anxiety treatments, many people are deterred by the high costs and long treatment times. And with acupuncture’s massive rise in popularity many people have begun to view this as a more compelling and cost effective option.

The World Health Organization and many established medical science journals have declared acupuncture to be an effective way to treat a myriad of health problems. Although Acupuncture is sometimes approached with skepticism by those more familiar with Western medical procedures, its popularity and longevity over thousands of years is a testament to its massive success with treating illness. “Qi” is the life force that flows throughout your body, and acupuncture helps resolve energy imbalances that are detrimental to your health. Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental medicine, Daniel Hsu, explains that by placing needles in specific acupuncture points throughout the body the nervous system can be forced to release certain chemicals in the brain that control emotion, including anxiety. With growing popularity and evidence, even the US Air Force had begun practicing “Battlefield Acupuncture” in the Middle East in combination with more conventional Western medicine. Acupuncture is used worldwide and has become an established and respected form of medical treatment.

You can reduce your stress in a stress-free way with acupuncture. Acupuncture puts your body back in control and provides an overall improved sense of well-being. Even if you’re already receiving treatment for anxiety, acupuncture is a risk free way to help speed recovery and treat your anxiety in a tried and true method.

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Acupuncture & Back Pain

Treating Back Pain with Acupuncture

There it is again, that dull achy feeling you get in your lower back each time you make a twisting, bending, or really any motion associated with your day to day activities. Do you need to take another painkiller to deal with the discomfort, or do you want to remain clear headed and choose to stick it out through the rest of the day? For nearly 8 out of every 10 Americans, this real life example of chronic low back pain probably hit a little closer to home than you would have liked.

Chronic low back pain is the result of a combination of factors, the largest contributors being a sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, and a poor posture while seated. The amount of time Americans spend sitting behind a desk or enjoying the television on the couch is staggering. It’s not usually until you take a really good look at your daily activities that you see how little many of us actually move regularly. Combine this with a near constant seated position and you’re well on your way to developing some fairly serious muscle imbalances. Muscle imbalances occur when opposing muscle groups (Such as your hamstrings, and your quadriceps) stay in a non-neutral position for extended periods of time.

The body’s natural state is viewed as being standing completely upright, with your arms by your side and palms facing forwards. While maintaining a seated position, we can see that the back of your thighs, your hamstrings, are stretched out father than usual, while the front of your thighs, your quadriceps, are in a flexed or compressed state. Over time, this stretching and compression of the leg muscles actually begins to alter their composition, making them more likely to view this seated position as the neutral state. While it’s worth pointing out that correctly prescribed regular exercise is enough to keep these muscle imbalances at bay, most American’s do not engage in regular exercise, or engage in exercise that is counter-productive to their fitness goals. It’s this combination of the lack of exercise and a lifestyle that forces us into being sedentary for long periods of the day that results in such high incidences of chronic low back pain.

So just how exactly can we counter this chronic back pain epidemic? Lifestyle changes such as being cognitive of your posture and regular exercise have proven to be effective in the long run, but many of us do not have ability to make these required changes. Luckily, there is a short term relief for your chronic low back pain that can be administered much more quickly than exercise. Acupuncture works to release endorphins, the body’s natural pain killer, to relieve your low back pain by inserting small, sterile needles into your body’s many energy pathways. These endorphins, once released, can induce a positive feeling, naturally without the use of drugs, alcohol or medication.

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