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Your Winter Herbal Pharmacy

Ah, winter-time . . . Here in Cornelius, Winter can be downright "un-wintery."  We go from a nice, toasty warm indoor heat out into 30-40◦ weather.  Sometimes the winds blow, sometimes it’s rainy.  Sometimes, just when we get used to...

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Acupuncture for Winter Health and Wellness

Why wait until you are sniffling, sneezing or coughing?  You can easily PREVENT the common cold using acupuncture to head it off at the pass! Our bodies don't always adapt well to sudden fluctuations in temperature, and we are traditionally...

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Winter Wonderland & Chinese Medicine

Winter is a time when things stay inside, hibernate, regroup, and get ready for the start of a new year and a new period of growth.  Chinese medicine describes the Winter in much the same way.  However, there are some...

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